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Apr 30, In our Modern ŌM meditations, we use mantras, or sacred sounds, that are An example would be "I am focused and energized", or "I don't worry Are you currently using Affirmations or Mantras in your daily life, and if so.
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This is part of the transformation process I am actively performing in my own life. I AM devoting my life to living my legacy life goals and actively choosing to spend time on legacy goals over financial tasks. I am a happy, positive person who actively enjoys life and lives each moment.


I make rational decisions about the use of my time, money, and opportunities — using a clear eye vision to choose wisely to take advantage of only those options that support my legacy life goals. I am an overcomer, I AM vibrantly healthy and strong, my body is going to defeat this illness and I will return to be healthier than ever. My best years are ahead of me, I am entering them now, I am happy, content, and fully engaged in my life NOW.

I connect with people — people like me, they crave my writing and my wisdom sharing helps them — I improve their lives. I have useful wisdom to share, people crave hearing from me and want more. I am happy — I smile a lot and am content with life because I know my life is focused on my legacy purpose. I am blessed with wonderful gifts from God and I enjoy life — eating, drinking, and having fun with family. I am like water — I flow down the path of least resistance in life because that is the way of The Tao and I know good things await me on that path. I find the silver lining in rain clouds.

I am happy because I know my family loves me and they know I love them. I am a master at relationship building. I establish trust quickly — people WANT to do business with me.

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I love my family and I know they love me — that brings me fulfillment. I am ready to devote myself to my legacy life goals and remove obstacles from my path. I am not afraid to have fun in front of others — I am a light for my family. I like to get up early before 6am , because I can accomplish a lot of meaningful legacy work during that time.

Heal, Balance, and Nourish Your 7 Chakras and...

I am always looking for opportunities to share wisdom with others and when the opportunity presents itself I seize it as part of my legacy goals. I am a solutions provider. People want to buy from me because they believe in me. I am genuinely happy to see others succeed when they provide value to lots of people. I am able to take a break from financial tasks and not worry. I am consciously aware of my legacy goals and I take action every day to complete them.

I do not procrastinate on important things — I get them done! I am a production machine when it comes to important things. I write my novels every day. My novels are part of my legacy. Writing comes easy to me.

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I believe that cardio in the a. I am a capable and confident self-made businessman, I believe in myself, I am happy with my life and confident in my future. I am a finisher.

The Six Practices of the Miracle Morning

I am a closer. I complete my goals and reach fulfillment. I am not addicted to money gathering. I know that spending time on legacy goals leads to life fulfillment.

I live with an attitude of gratitude — my gratitude is contagious. When anger arises, I focus on being thankful vs letting frustration control me. I am a wisdom seeker AND a wisdom sharer.

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  6. Meditations include processes to receive solar light; make soul contact; awaken soul vision; energize your life purpose; take a shower of light; experience joy, a clear creative mind, relaxation, self-love, cellular activation, and loving relationships; feel energetic, clear blockages, open to receive, receive answers from within, request extra energy, and more. Also includes full-length free Orin meditations. Search All Products. Basic Light Body Course. Free on Our Website. Affirmations Room. Guest Book. About Us. Sanaya Roman.

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